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  • Dan Sunderland
    Owner and President

    Dan Sunderland is the Owner and President for Sun Motor Cars Porsche.

  • Steven Baun
    General Manager

    As the GM at Sun Motor Cars Porsche, I'm excited every day to represent these fine automobiles and the staff.  With over 20 years' experience in this business, I still feel the passion of the brands we sell & service. Another important component of my daily life is to give back to the community. Both as an individual and as a GM, I strive to reach back to people in need & make a difference.  My automotive roots run long and deep with the Porsche brand, as I have driven, raced and taught drivers education for over 25 years. Driving these fine automobiles in a track environment with our clients is a hoot for both them and me. Dedication, passion and a winning strategy to do the best I can both personally and with the dealership.

  • Rich Sajac
    Porsche Sales Manager
    717.691.3333, Ext. 1502

    I started my life as a "military brat" in Heidelberg, Germany. This must have fueled my passion for German cars.  After serving over 20 years in the military, I began my next career with Sun Motors. I experienced the growth of Sun Motors with the acquisition of the Porsche, BMW and Audi franchises.  I have worked as a driver, salesman, IT, Finance and now Porsche Sales Manager. My love for performance vehicles continues and I am now a "kid in a candy store" working with some of the finest people and cars in the automotive industry.

  • Andrew Maneval
    Finance and Insurance Manager
    717.691.3333, Ext. 1520

    Andrew Maneval has been with Sun Motor Cars since 2013.  He has been representing the Porsche Brand since May 2018.

  • Josh Claypool
    Porsche Certified Global Brand Ambassador
    717.691.3333, Ext. 1505

    Hello I'm Josh Claypool, employed at Sun Motor Cars since 2009 as a Global Brand Ambassador for Porsche.  I enjoy golfing, woodworking, and amateur meteorology.  If you would like to stop in to chat about Porsche, or any other interesting topic, feel free to do so. Thanks!

  • Joseph Caretti
    Porsche Certified Global Brand Ambassador
    717.691.3333, Ext. 1501

    Joseph Caretti has been with Sun Motor Cars Porsche, representing one of the most iconic brands in the world proudly, since 2012.

  • LeAnna Cherewka
    Internet Manager
    717.691.3333, Ext. 1529

    I am the Internet Manager for Sun Motor Cars Porsche. I was born and raised in Yardley, Pa with me being one of six kids. We were definitely a car and sports family. So, it was only fitting for me to be part of the family here since Porsche has the finest vehicles in the automotive industry. When I am not here at Porsche, you can find me on a soccer field. I have been around soccer my whole life. I was blessed to have won a PA State Championship in high school with Pennsbury and then was able to play at the highest level in college at Robert Morris University. I recently retired from being a professional soccer trainer for Super Nova F.C. here in Central Pennsylvania to spend more time with my family: husband (Mike), daughter (Tegan), and our two awesome Border Collies (Drogba and Chloe).   

  • Ryan Mesure
    Porsche Parts Manager

    My name is Ryan and I am originally from the Philadelphia area. I have worked for Sun Motor Cars Porsche for 7 years and as the Parts Manager for the last 3 years. I enjoy being in the automotive business, the technology is always changing.  I started in the automotive business taking pictures of our cars for our company's internet site.  During that time I got to drive many models and types of vehicles.  I found the performance and technology in Germany highline cars are second to none.  Each model year they keep pushing it farther.  In my time out of the dealership I enjoy going on day trips with my wife, and spending time with our two dogs.  I am also a diehard Philadelphia Flyers fan.

  • Bill Deardorff
    Service Manager
    717.691.3333, Ext. 1545

    I became a member of the Sun Motor Cars family in November 2007. I have been with Audi Mechanicsburg and Sun Motor Cars Porsche a combined total of 23 years.

  • Josh Deardorff
    Service Advisor
    717.691.3333, Ext. 1536

    I have been in the automotive industry for 14 years and with Sun Motor Cars for 8 years.  I am a Certified Service Advisor for both Audi and Porsche. I enjoy family time, finger painting, and croquet. 

  • Hiro Nagatomo
    Gold Certified Porsche Service Technician

    My name is Hiro, and I came fresh off the boat from Japan in 1990.  I have worked with Porsche for 19 years.  I have been working for Sun Motor Cars Porsche since 1998 and I am honored to be a Gold Certified Porsche Service Techanician.  I am also married with 3 kids and a dog.

  • Mike Falcone
    Gold Certified Porsche Service Technician

    My name is Mike Falcone and I have been with Sun Motor Cars Porsche since 2007.  I am a Gold Certified Porsche Service Technician. Also, I am a Porsche owner with a 914.  When I am not at Sun Motor Cars, I love to spend time with my wife and 2 sons. 

  • Jon Doncheski
    Porsche Service Techician

    Jonathan Doncheski has been with Sun Motor Cars since October 2014.  He has been with the Porsche brand since May 2016.

  • Nicholas Lieberman
    Warranty Administrator

    Nicholas Lieberman has been with Sun Motor Cars, representing the Porsche brand, since April 2018.

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